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Welcome to our website!



Breeders of Quality Bengal and Toyger Cats


Proud to be one of the first members of the GCCF Breeder Scheme promoting responsible breeding.



I am a small established hobby breeder of GCCF registered Bengals with 15 years experience. I live in the North Shropshire countryside with my husband Ray, our loopy lurcher, Boe, 10 adult Bengals and two rescue cats, Daisy and Spitfire.  I have also recently welcomed two beautiful Toyger kittens to Tobysden and had my first Toyger litter in 2016.


I breed for quality rather than quantity with just 3-4 litters a year.  All our kittens are reared in our home and I take pride in producing friendly confident healthy babies who settle very quickly into their new homes when they leave at 13 weeks and make great pets.  Bengals and Toygers are lively, intelligent, friendly and loyal.  They become very attached to their owners and enjoy human company. They also make friends easily with dogs and enjoy the company of children and other cats in their own family.  

See NEWS PAGE for more about our Toygers!


Our breeding cats are from top quality lines and selected for their health and temperaments as well as their beautiful coats.  We specialise in brown  and blue-eyed snows and aim for beautiful rosetted coat patterns but also have a few marble and silver snow kittens from time to time

All our breeding cats are screened annually for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and all have tested negative for Pyruvate Kinase deficiency. They are also now tested for Bengal PRA - a new test for a serious eye disease which only became available in January 2016. We discovered two of our cats carried the gene so by planning matings carefully we can now ensure we do not breed any kittens who will lose their sight to this disease. We are an FIV/FeLV negative cattery.



If you would like more details, go on our waiting list for a kitten or retired adult or just for a chat about our Bengals please

TELEPHONE: 01630 638345     TEXT: 07958304232



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