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JUNE 2017

It has all been happening the last few months and we currently have 4 litters of beautiful kittens as follows:

Gr Ch Kiabindhi Sultan of Swing  x Leopardsview Lili Marlene: one brown spotted boy and one brown spotted girl, born on 5th march.  These are outstanding show quality kittens. 

Now sold.

Lili's first kittens -Lady Lilibeth and Ticket to Heaven (aka Obi)!

Tobysden Yogibear x Ch Kiabindhi Iced Skye: 3 blue-eyed snow spotted boys born on 21/3//2017.  All reserved.


Skye's 2017 litter - Tobysden Borisbear, Prince Simba and King Louis

(aka Boris, Bumble and Olly!)

..and our second Toyger litter:

Mistymogwai Knight in Dark Satin x Tigervisions Katika:  4 brown mackerel tabby boys born on 28/3/2017.  All reserved.


Katika with her new born litter and Tasuki and Saroo aged 3 weeks!

Tobysden Sarabi x Tobysden Yogibear: 1 brown spotted male - on hold pending viewing

Sarabi with her new born 2017 kitten - a very clear coated little boy!






Sorry that most of our kittens are sold or reserved but we will be mating Stella, our young snow girl with Sultan shortly.  We also have a lovely brown daughter of Sultan (Shomili Winters Tale - PRA and PKDef normal) now aged 6 months who will be mated with Yogi later in the year.  I will be adding these two young girls to the queens page when I get a minute but busy with kittens at the moment.


Other recent kittens



Our kittens are reared indoors in our spacious kitten rooms. Each litter has it's own room and our kitten's do not mingle with adults or kittens from other litter's until they are vaccinated. We aim to have no more than two (occasionally 3) litters at any one time so each kitten will receive a lot of individual attention. We have a large home and the kittens are allowed access to cat-free areas of the house when they are old enough to be safe. Every effort is made to introduce them to as much as possible during the critical 2-7 week socialisation period. As well as getting accustomed to home life and lots of cuddles they will be used to being groomed, having their claws clipped and mouths opened - for easy medication and "vetting-in" - before they go to their new homes. They are all GCCF registered, vaccinated, microchipped and thoroughly wormed and come with a generous kitten pack including a comprehensive kitten care manual and 5 weeks free insurance with Agria. Although we have no flea problems at Tobysden all our kittens get a spot-on flea prevention treatment before they leave as an added precaution. We do not allow our kittens to go to their new homes until they are at least 13 weeks old but once you have reserved a kitten you are most welcome to visit often - we positively encourage you to come and get to know your kitten before you take him/her home. We care greatly about the welfare of our kittens once they have left here and help and advice is always available by telephone.

Your kitten will be registered with the GCCF when you collect him/her. All you have to do is sign the transfer form and I do the rest to ensure your kitten is transferred into your name. The registration and transfer fees are included in the price of your kitten.

Older kittens and retired breeding cats may occasionally be available as quality pets to loving permanent homes. It is difficult to assess the full potential of a kitten under 3 months and we sometimes keep them a little longer as prospective breeding/show cats - sadly we cannot keep them all due to limited space and I am not a believer in the well known saying that "you can never have too many cats"! Our cats are happy and healthy because they are not overcrowded and are able to find their own space when they want a bit of peace and quiet.

Please contact us for more information about availability of our kittens or retired breeding cats.

TELEPHONE: 01630 638345 TEXT: 07958 304232