aka Flora

(Zawadi Spatial Dendrite x Theluji Snowdrop DOB 30/6/2013)



Flora is Skye’s best friend but is completely different.  She is a slim athletic girl with an elegant head and bright blue eyes.  She is a strong character with a loud voice and is very confident and friendly.

Flora has also done well on the show bench winning Best of Breed both times she has been out.  She is not quite as laid back as Skye and enjoys intimidating judges.

Flora had her first litter with Sultan in August 2014.

Flora scanned normal again for HCM in March 2016. She has tested normal for PKDef but is a carrier of Bengal PRA. She will be mated in 2016 with Yogibear who is normal for Bengal PRA.

Pedigree of Thuja Tobysden Mayflower