(Bambino Summergold x Bambino Abigalirose DOB 23/3/2013

(Breeder:Mrs Marion McFarlane)




We are delighted to have Sarabi as a mature queen. Many thanks to her previous owner and breeder for allowing her to finish her breeding career at Tobysden.  She is a beautiful golden girl with good type, a whited tummy and a very sweet nature.  She has a lovely UK pedigree and is quite closely related to our dear old Sabu who retired a few years ago. Sarabi has tested normal (N/N) for Bengal PRA and PKDef.  She will be mated with Sultan as soon as she has settled in and starts calling. We don't think she carries snow and are looking forward to a good brown rosetted litter from this mating. Sarabi's heart scanned normal and negative for HCM in Febuary 2017.

Sarabi settling into her new bedroom!

Pedigree of Catamarian Sarabi