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           TOBYSDEN KITTEN PACKS        

Our kitten packs comprise the following items to give you all the information you need and help your kitten settle into his new home as comfortably as possible:

1. GCCF Registration certificate.

All our kittens are registered with the GCCF prior to leaving. All kittens sold as pets are registered on the GCCF non-active register which means none of their progeny can be registered.  You will be asked to sign the transfer form on collection of your kitten and we will do the rest to ensure he is registered in your name. 

2. Photo Album.

We love taking photos of our kittens as they grow up and all our new kitten owners receive an album of the best photos showing development of your kitten from birth along with pictures of his/her parents and littermates. The album also contains a separate sleeve in which to keep all your kitten's documents.

3. Pedigree

A signed four generation pedigree with all registration numbers that complies with the GCCF Code of Conduct.

4. Vaccination and Microchip Certificates.

The vaccination certificate shows full details of the vaccination course received by your kitten to protect him/her from cat flu, feline panleukopenia and feline leukaemia. In addition it shows details/dates of all worm and ectoparasite prevention treatment received by your kitten from birth.

The microchip certificate shows the unique serial number of the microchip which has been added to a national database which will assist in finding your kitten if lost.

5. Pet Plan Voucher.

Giving 4 weeks free insurance cover.

6. Sale Agreement/Receipt. 

This includes a neutering agreement in the case of all kittens sold as pets. You will be asked to sign this on collection of your kitten.

7. GCCF Code of Conduct for Owners and Breeders and GCCF Breeder Scheme Feedback Form.

This document outlines the responsibilities of breeders and owners to ensure the welfare of all cats and kittens.  We comply with all aspects of the code and expect our new kitten owners to do likewise. 

The Feedback form is to be completed and returned to the GCCF after you have had your kitten for a few weeks.  The success of the Breeder Scheme depends on receiving accurate feedback from new kitten owners.

8. Kitten Care Manual

We normally send this out by email so you can study it prior to collecting your kitten but a hard copy can be included in the kitten pack on request.

9. Food

Generous samples of the food your kitten is currently eating. You will be told exactly how much to feed him and also the times of day he/she is used to being fed. Manufacturers kitten packs eg Hills, Royal Canin are given when available.

10.Cat litter

A sample of the litter your kitten is used to. 

11. Toys

At least two to keep your kitten entertained.

12. Comfort blanket

A small fleecey blanket which smells of home and littermates to line his carrier on the journey home and help to reduce separation anxiety.

13. Other information eg FAB Card, garden enclosure systems.  Exact contents will vary.