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Tobysden Queens

We like to have four Bengal queens.   Our lovely Flirtini is now retired and we have recently welcomed Catamarian Sarabi who joins Lucy, Flora and Skye for 2015.

Please click on the girl’s photos to visit their pages.

Lucy, Flora and Skye have all once again scanned normal for HCM in March 2016.

All 4 girls have tested normal for PKDef and Bengal PRA with exception of Flora who is a carrier of Bengal PRA.

Flora was mated with Yogi who is N/N ie normal for PRA and produced a lovely girl (Tobysden Starflower aka "Stella") in June who has tested normal for Bengal PRA so we are keeping her and retiring her mum. Stella will have her first litter in spring 2017.


   LUCY         SARABI        SKYE     FLORA


Tobysden Starflower aka Stella